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1982 – Trailer

Season 3 of Kyle and Dave vs The Machine starts this week!

Tokyo Story (1953)

A film about a family dealing with the changing times. Kyle thinks he might go on a bender. Dave tries to be too stoic. The Machine thinks all human life is expendable.

Le Samurai (1967)

A film where a hired killer evades both the cops and other mobsters. Kyle tries to stay silent. Dave thinks the ending is for the birds. The Machine thinks Alain Delon is the perfect human.

The Apartment (1960)

A film where the guy loaning his home for people to have sex falls in love with the girl his boss is seeing. Kyle is looking to make some extra cash. Dave just wants everybody to bathe. The Machine has developed an app that makes this situation much easier.

Epilogue to 1971

Kyle and Dave look back at the season to discuss their biggest surprises and what they learned about film in 1971. Plus, The Machine reveals what year they'll be focusing on next!

Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

A film where two loners drive Route 66. Kyle just wants to get his kicks. Dave doesn't trust hitchhikers. The Machine is in love with that GTO.

Vanishing Point (1971)

A film about a guy who wants to drive fast and deliver cars. Kyle is just high on speed. Dave wants to pump the brakes. The Machine believes it's time for a lube job.

Mon oncle Antoine (My Uncle Antoine)

A boy volunteers to go with his uncle to pick up a dead body. Kyle tries speaking French. Dave wishes he were in the coffin. The Machine conspires a quiet revolution.


A film where two young kids get lost in the Australian outback. Kyle doesn't think he'd be able to stand the heat. Dave believes he'd be able to suck mud water through a straw. The Machine plays the didgeridoo.

Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets

An avant-garde film about a young man who wants to push away tradition. Kyle wants to live in a green filter. Dave thinks that Godzilla should attack. The Machine thinks that the camera should shake more.

Pretty Maids All in a Row

A movie where a teacher seduces students and then kills them. Kyle wants to be transferred to another school. Dave joins the debate team. The Machine wishes more movies had this much murder.

Klute; with Jennifer Sanford!

A film where Jane Fonda isn't named Klute! Kyle tries to secretly record people. Dave tries to become a better actor. The Machine is hopeful to throw somebody out a window. Jennifer Sanford joins the conversation in order to not self destruct.

Bananas; with José María Luna!

A movie where a nerd accidentally become the leader of a revolution. Kyle tries not to trip over the slapstick. Dave heavy sighs while travelling through the republic. The Machine doesn't think there's anything problematic about this movie. José María Luna joins the conversation because he loves Gwen Stefani.

The Devils

A film where a nun accuses a priest of black magic. Kyle is curious about starting an orgy. Dave thinks he'd make a good exorcist. The Machine loves Cardinal Richelieu.

Willard (1971); with Andrew Scott!

A film about a bunch of rats controlled by a lonely man. Kyle hides behind his hands. Dave starts making squeaking noises. The Machine is only familiar with mice. Andrew Scott joins the conversation to praise Ernest Borgnine.

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

A film where a woman might be stalked by a vampire. Kyle knows he can never go out into the sun. Dave is interested in fixing up a country house. The Machine isn't scared of anything.


A movie where a large truck chases after a small car. Kyle wants to put the pedal to the metal. Dave is fine with a little road rage. The Machine just enjoys the smell of burning rubber.

Godzilla vs Hedorah (Godzilla vs The Smog Monster); with Ben Rowe!

A movie where Godzilla fights a monster partly created by the pollution in the ocean. Kyle wants to stand around a fire and sing. Dave thinks he's having a bad trip. The Machine can't wait to turn itself into a kaiju. Ben Rowe joins the conversation and tries not to get slimed.

Interview with Ben Epstein (director of Buck Alamo) **BONUS EPISODE**

Live from the Calgary International Film Festival! Kyle and Dave sit down with director Ben Epstein to talk about cowboys, dreams, and poems.

Escape From the Planet of the Apes

A movie where apes come to Earth. Kyle doesn't want anybody's stinking hands on them. Dave enters the Forbidden Zone. The Machine dreams of an event that would wipe humans off the planet.

THX 1138

A film about a man with no name trying to escape to a better future. Kyle is confused. Dave wants to rebel. The Machine thinks this movie is a great template for the future of humanity.

Straw Dogs (1971)

A film about a pacifist who is forced into violence. Kyle just wants to barricade the windows. Dave never wants to go to Cornwall. The Machine thinks this movie is a comedy.

Get Carter (1971)

A film where a man returns to his hometown to enact revenge for his brother's murder. Kyle wants to get out of the way. Dave apologizes for the grittiness. The Machine wants to throw people off of tall buildings.

He's All That **BONUS EPISODE**

A film where a girl gives a make over to a guy so that he can become popular. Kyle feels like an ugly duckling. Dave wants to remake this into something good. The Machine thinks everyone looks hotter without glasses.

Duck, You Sucker!; with Sarah Rowe!

A film where an IRA bomb specialist and a reluctant Mexican revolutionary become friends. Kyle wants to duck all the time. Dave is ready to go to war. The Machine thinks everybody should be armed. Sarah Rowe joins the discussion to throw dynamite.

Red Sun

A film where Charles Bronson, Toshirō Mifune, and Alain Delon fight! Kyle just wants everyone to get along. Dave is wants to cut people in half. The Machine if fine with letting the whole field burn.

Big Jake

A movie where John Wayne gets to slap his sons and save his grandson. Kyle longs for the good ol' days. Dave wants to hold a million dollars. The Machine just wants to have a shootout.

Wild Rovers

A movie about two cowboys who steal some money and hit the open road. Kyle just wants to punch a cow. Dave thinks he could break a horse. The Machine just wants to watch the orange blood flow.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller; with Jordan Drake!

A film about a Western town, a Madame, and a coward. Kyle pretends to be a great sharpshooter. Dave has a strong business sense. The Machine just wants to burn it all down. Jordan Drake joins the discussion in the snow.

Diamonds are Forever; with Kyle Turner!

A James Bond film where Sean Connery returns for the last time. Kyle never says never when it comes to Bond. Dave wants to jump aboard her majesty's secret service. The Machine thinks it is time to die. Kyle Turner joins the discussion as a spectre with great insight.

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