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The Last Picture Show

A film about a dying small town and the people who can't escape it. Kyle feels drawn in. Dave wants to escape. The Machine has started to carry around a glass bottle.

A Clockwork Orange; with Jennifer Sanford!

A film set in the future about a young man who loves violence. Kyle tries to find a way in. Dave only wants to get out. The Machine is perfectly fine with prying people's eyes open.

Nicholas and Alexandra

A Russian epic about the last of the Romanovs. Kyle is captured under Rasputin's spell. Dave is ready to march with the proletariat. The Machine is happy to drink a bunch of vodka.

Death in Venice

A film about a man lusting after a boy. Kyle gets angry. Dave offers to wear white face. The Machine doesn't think cholera looks that bad.

The Omega Man

A film where the last man on Earth must defeat a group of pasty white vampires. Kyle thinks this is goofy fun. Dave thinks this is completely terrible. The Machine believes itself is a legend.

The Andromeda Strain

A film about a mysterious virus that could cause a worldwide pandemic. Kyle is focused on the buttocks. Dave just wants to go through five levels of decontamination. The Machine enjoys watching monkeys suffocate.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song; with Mike Dennis!

A revolutionary film where a black male prostitute sticks it to the man. Kyle has trouble following along. Dave wants to start his own revolution. The Machine wants to watch the world burn.

Shaft (1971)

A film about a black detective trying to rescue a man's daughter. Kyle isn't going to risk his neck. Dave promises never to cop out. The Machine just wants to throw somebody out a window.

A Prelude to 1971; with Ben Rowe!

No film today, but an overview of what Hollywood was like in 1971. Kyle just wants to be somebody's gunsel. Dave thinks that religion may have ruined movies. The Machine wishes the world was more like the pre-code era.

1971 – Trailer

A podcast where a sentient machine forces Kyle and Dave to watch films in order to prevent the apocalypse. Again. Season Two focuses on the films of 1971.

Nights of Cabiria

A film where a prostitute searches for true love. Kyle doesn't think anyone is good enough for her. Dave wants to jump off a cliff. The Machine just wants to hypnotize people.

City Lights

A silent film that has both humour and heartbreak. Kyle wants to give this movie flowers. Dave is willing to go a few rounds. The Machine is unusually quiet.

Yi Yi

A film that's a sweeping epic about a family where each member is experiencing a relationship. Kyle wants to go steady. Dave is ready to propose. The Machine just prefers to stay friends.

The Godfather: Part II

A film epic that features a father and son at the same age and how they support "the family." Kyle feels betrayed. Dave just wants more power. The Machine is focused on revenge.

Spirited Away; with Chris Taniguchi!

A film where a girl gets lost in a spirit world and must find her way back. Kyle could really take a bath. Dave just wants to eat like a pig. The Machine was also once a river.

The End of 1999

No film this week. Kyle tries to predict the future. Dave is happy not to talk about the past. The Machine tries to ruin the present. A wrap-up on this season focusing on the year 1999.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

A film about a man who will kill to be anyone else but himself. Kyle is distracted by all the beauty around him. Dave thinks this is more of a horror movie. The Machine is impressed by Matt Damon's commitment to ruin people's lives.

Being John Malkovich

A film about escaping your reality by being inside of John Malkovich. Kyle feels like he's a puppet. Dave always goes through small doors. The Machine is still uncertain who John Malkovich is.

Man On The Moon

A film about the life of Andy Kaufman while also being a film about Jim Carrey losing his mind. Kyle just wants to stay meta. Dave refuses to even look at the fourth wall. The Machine wishes it could dress up as Elvis.

The Straight Story

A film about a man who drives a lawnmower to see his brother. Kyle's butt gets sore just thinking about it. Dave is hesitant of rural America. The Machine is impressed by the fuel efficiency.

Magnolia; with special guest Justin Bills!

A film that's fragmented into multiple stories that all come together, sort of. Kyle is happy to listen to Aimee Mann. Dave ends up licking frogs. The Machine wants to be a contestant on that game show.

American Beauty

A film about a man having a mid-life crisis and wanting to have sex with his daughter's friend. Kyle just can't stop bathing in rose petals. Dave tries to take pictures of plastic bags. The Machine likes to video people while hiding in the bushes.

The Insider

A film about a whistleblower and the journalist who is committed to telling his story. Kyle isn't sure he should come forward. Dave only has sixty minutes to talk. The Machine smokes for the entire episode.

The Cider House Rules; with special guest Alex Williams!

A film about a young man, raised in an orphanage, who goes on a journey of self discovery. Kyle lies through the entire episode. Dave huffs ether. The Machine does a great Michael Caine impression.

The Green Mile

A film about a wrongfully imprisoned man and the guard who tries to help him. Kyle just needs to pee. Dave wants his own magic mouse. The Machine thought the electric chair was cute.

The Sixth Sense

A film about a young boy who sees dead people. Kyle is in denial about his relationship to this movie. Dave is ready to communicate. The Machine is slowly poisoning both of them.

The Blair Witch Project; with special guests Shaun Wilding & Mitch Slack! (of Wack Chat: It's Movie Time)

A film about student filmmakers trying to find a witch. Kyle is captured by its spell. Dave just gets dizzy. The Machine is taking notes on how to inflict punishment on humans. Plus: Shaun Wilding and Mitch Slack are pulled through the Guest Door to give their thoughts on this small film that became a huge cultural phenomenon.

Sleepy Hollow

A film where a constable tries to uncover the mystery in a small town without losing his head. Kyle is impressed by Johnny Depp's beauty. Dave thinks that Tim Burton has lost his magic. The Machine just wants to file its teeth to sharp points.

Eyes Wide Shut

A film about a married couple with the inability to communicate ... also sex cults. Kyle agrees with Nicole Kidman. Dave agrees with Tom Cruise. The Machine has started to wear a Guy Fawkes mask.

Fight Club

A movie where a man creates a secret fighting league just to feel something. Kyle thinks he could go a few rounds. Dave believes that's just a figment of Kyle's imagination. The Machine takes notes on how to raise an army.

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