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The Devils

A film where a nun accuses a priest of black magic. Kyle is curious about starting an orgy. Dave thinks he'd make a good exorcist. The Machine loves Cardinal Richelieu.

Willard (1971); with Andrew Scott!

A film about a bunch of rats controlled by a lonely man. Kyle hides behind his hands. Dave starts making squeaking noises. The Machine is only familiar with mice. Andrew Scott joins the conversation to praise Ernest Borgnine.

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

A film where a woman might be stalked by a vampire. Kyle knows he can never go out into the sun. Dave is interested in fixing up a country house. The Machine isn't scared of anything.


A movie where a large truck chases after a small car. Kyle wants to put the pedal to the metal. Dave is fine with a little road rage. The Machine just enjoys the smell of burning rubber.

Godzilla vs Hedorah (Godzilla vs The Smog Monster); with Ben Rowe!

A movie where Godzilla fights a monster partly created by the pollution in the ocean. Kyle wants to stand around a fire and sing. Dave thinks he's having a bad trip. The Machine can't wait to turn itself into a kaiju. Ben Rowe joins the conversation and tries not to get slimed.

Interview with Ben Epstein (director of Buck Alamo) **BONUS EPISODE**

Live from the Calgary International Film Festival! Kyle and Dave sit down with director Ben Epstein to talk about cowboys, dreams, and poems.

Escape From the Planet of the Apes

A movie where apes come to Earth. Kyle doesn't want anybody's stinking hands on them. Dave enters the Forbidden Zone. The Machine dreams of an event that would wipe humans off the planet.

THX 1138

A film about a man with no name trying to escape to a better future. Kyle is confused. Dave wants to rebel. The Machine thinks this movie is a great template for the future of humanity.

Straw Dogs (1971)

A film about a pacifist who is forced into violence. Kyle just wants to barricade the windows. Dave never wants to go to Cornwall. The Machine thinks this movie is a comedy.

Get Carter (1971)

A film where a man returns to his hometown to enact revenge for his brother's murder. Kyle wants to get out of the way. Dave apologizes for the grittiness. The Machine wants to throw people off of tall buildings.

He's All That **BONUS EPISODE**

A film where a girl gives a make over to a guy so that he can become popular. Kyle feels like an ugly duckling. Dave wants to remake this into something good. The Machine thinks everyone looks hotter without glasses.

Duck, You Sucker!; with Sarah Rowe!

A film where an IRA bomb specialist and a reluctant Mexican revolutionary become friends. Kyle wants to duck all the time. Dave is ready to go to war. The Machine thinks everybody should be armed. Sarah Rowe joins the discussion to throw dynamite.

Red Sun

A film where Charles Bronson, Toshirō Mifune, and Alain Delon fight! Kyle just wants everyone to get along. Dave is wants to cut people in half. The Machine if fine with letting the whole field burn.

Big Jake

A movie where John Wayne gets to slap his sons and save his grandson. Kyle longs for the good ol' days. Dave wants to hold a million dollars. The Machine just wants to have a shootout.

Wild Rovers

A movie about two cowboys who steal some money and hit the open road. Kyle just wants to punch a cow. Dave thinks he could break a horse. The Machine just wants to watch the orange blood flow.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller; with Jordan Drake!

A film about a Western town, a Madame, and a coward. Kyle pretends to be a great sharpshooter. Dave has a strong business sense. The Machine just wants to burn it all down. Jordan Drake joins the discussion in the snow.

Diamonds are Forever; with Kyle Turner!

A James Bond film where Sean Connery returns for the last time. Kyle never says never when it comes to Bond. Dave wants to jump aboard her majesty's secret service. The Machine thinks it is time to die. Kyle Turner joins the discussion as a spectre with great insight.

Harold and Maude; with Matthew K. Begbie!

A film where an 18 year old falls in love with an 80 year old. Kyle thinks death is funny. Dave wants to steal a tree. The Machine wants more people conscripted into wars. Matthew K. Begbie joins the discussion and believes consistency is not really a human trait.

Plaza Suite

A film about a specific room in a hotel where Walter Matthau tries to play three different characters. Kyle wants to check out early. Dave wants to burn down the hotel. The Machine just enjoys riding the elevator.

A New Leaf

A film where a rich playboy loses his money, tries to kill a woman, and falls in love instead. Kyle wants to run away with Elaine May. Dave thinks he'll just jump into a lake. The Machine just likes killing people.

Carnal Knowledge

A film where a man becomes increasingly impotent with the women in his life. Kyle feels attached. Dave wants to break it off. The Machine only believes in one night stands.

Summer of '42

A film where a teenaged boy falls in love with the wife of his next door neighbour. Kyle has nostalgia for his summer vacations. Dave continues to hate small town America. The Machine wonders why everyone is so weird about buying condoms.

Play Misty For Me

A movie about a one night stand that becomes a stalker for life. Kyle becomes a bit too clingy. Dave wants to call things off. The Machine wasn't programmed to believe in love.

Dirty Harry; with Matt Mort!

A film where a cop decides to take the law into his own hands against a serial killer. Kyle has fun with the goofiness of it. Dave thinks Kyle is a fascist. The Machine thinks there should be more violence. Matt Mort joins the discussion and doesn't feel all that lucky.

Billy Jack

A movie where a hapkido expert with a great hat saves a school for runaways where a LOT of improv happens. Kyle is just impressed with what the movie is trying to be. Dave decides to go barefoot for the entire episode. The Machine would have voted for Tom Laughlin a second time if it could.

The Million Dollar Duck

A "movie" where a man literally finds a duck that lays golden eggs. Kyle thinks this is a turkey. Dave wants to gander at anything else. The Machine knows that they're both chicken.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

A film about a novice witch who goes on an adventure to defeat the Nazis. Kyle still allows the magic to take hold of him. Dave wants to chuck a bedknob at somebody. The Machine thinks that the Portobello Road sequence should be even longer.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; with Shaun Wilding & Mitch Slack!

A (children's?) film about a boy who wins a golden ticket so that he can visit a weird guy who makes candy. Kyle loves his trip. Dave wishes he could be sent home. The Machine admires Wonka's use of slave labour. Shaun Wilding and Mitch Slack of Wack Chat: It's Movie Time join, separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

A film about a bisexual man and his relationships with a gay doctor and also a recently divorced woman. Kyle feels like he's caught in the middle too. Dave is thinking about living a Bohemian life. The Machine believes this movie should be illegal.

Range Roads **BONUS EPISODE**

A film about a woman trying to heal the trauma of her past. Currently playing at the Calgary Underground Film Festival! Kyle wants to put on face paint. Dave thinks he might enjoy going to a small town for once. The Machine just wants to go to a rodeo.

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