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Smithereens (1982)

A film about a woman trying to find stardom. Kyle wants to get a great pair of red high tops. Dave thinks he would have made a great punk. The Machine is worried about the broken down van.

48 Hrs. (1982)

A film where an old racist cop along with a young fast-talking convict learn to respect each while solving a case. Kyle wants drive around in a convertible. Dave thinks more time should be given to the villains. The Machine wishes it could speak like Nick Nolte.

Annie (1982)

A musical where an orphaned girl warms the heart of a bald billionaire. Kyle thinks this should have been easy street. Dave is looking forward to tomorrow. The Machine loves making it a hard knock life for the hosts.

Sophie's Choice (1982)

A film where a woman needs to make a terrible decision. Kyle doesn't know what to think. Dave wants to get away from Stingo. The Machine always knows what choice to make.

Diner (1982)

A film about a group of friends in 1959 trying to not become adults. Kyle thinks the characters are a bit thin. Dave just wants to order the fries with gravy. The Machine just wants to play the jukebox.

Grease 2 (1982); with Matthew K. Begbie!

A film where they try to capture greased lightning twice ... and fail? Kyle is excited to go back to school again. Dave decides to settle a score tonight. The Machine does charades. Matthew K. Begbie returns as a cool rider.

Das Boot (1981)

A film where a bunch of German soldiers are trapped on a sub during World War 2. Kyle hopes he doesn't get crabs. Dave holds his breath. The Machine was rooting for them to win the war.

Gandhi (1982); with special co-host Jenn Sanford!

A film about the man who changed the world through non-violence. Kyle searches for the meaning. Dave is on a hunger strike and missing. Jenn steps in to provide the historical and political context. The Machine believes it can change the world through more violence.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982); with Matt Koplik!

A film where a boy needs to return an alien home. Kyle wishes his fingers lit up. Dave wants to ride a bike with a basket on the front. The Machine thinks ET is scary. Matt Koplik joins the conversation to breakdown why this film still works after 40 years.

Tootsie (1982); with José María Luna!

A film about a man who dresses as a woman so that he can get a job. Kyle falls in love with Teri Garr. Dave wants to fix the ending. The Machine figures that girls just want to have fun. José María Luna joins the conversation to figure out if this film is problematic.

The Verdict (1982)

A film where a loser lawyer grows a conscience. Kyle wants to call a surprise witness. Dave objects. The Machine sustains.

Missing (1982)

A film where a father travels to Chile to find his missing son. Kyle wants to uncover the truth. Dave wants to join the revolution. The Machine thinks there's good people on both sides.

Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982)

A surreal film with a rock star slowly going mad. Kyle thing she's gone brain dead. Dave is waiting for the worms. The Machine prefers to be comfortably numb.

Fitzcarraldo (1982)

A film where an obsessed man decides to build an opera house in the jungle. Kyle just wanted to go on a hike. Dave decides to wear all white. The Machine is taking notes on exploitation.

Yes, Giorgio (1982)

A film about a famous opera star who forces a woman to love him. Kyle wants to spend a night anywhere but the opera. Dave wishes he could be a phantom and disappear. The Machine thinks this hits all the right notes.

Losing Ground (1982)

A film where a philosophy professor struggles with her more artistic husband. Kyle fights to keep up. Dave just wants to argue. The Machine is the most logical.

Prelude to 1982

Kyle and Dave explore what was going on in the movie industry and the wider culture in 1982. They also reveal which films they are most and least looking forward to.

1982 – Trailer

Season 3 of Kyle and Dave vs The Machine starts this week!

Tokyo Story (1953)

A film about a family dealing with the changing times. Kyle thinks he might go on a bender. Dave tries to be too stoic. The Machine thinks all human life is expendable.

Le Samurai (1967)

A film where a hired killer evades both the cops and other mobsters. Kyle tries to stay silent. Dave thinks the ending is for the birds. The Machine thinks Alain Delon is the perfect human.

The Apartment (1960)

A film where the guy loaning his home for people to have sex falls in love with the girl his boss is seeing. Kyle is looking to make some extra cash. Dave just wants everybody to bathe. The Machine has developed an app that makes this situation much easier.

Epilogue to 1971

Kyle and Dave look back at the season to discuss their biggest surprises and what they learned about film in 1971. Plus, The Machine reveals what year they'll be focusing on next!

Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

A film where two loners drive Route 66. Kyle just wants to get his kicks. Dave doesn't trust hitchhikers. The Machine is in love with that GTO.

Vanishing Point (1971)

A film about a guy who wants to drive fast and deliver cars. Kyle is just high on speed. Dave wants to pump the brakes. The Machine believes it's time for a lube job.

Mon oncle Antoine (My Uncle Antoine)

A boy volunteers to go with his uncle to pick up a dead body. Kyle tries speaking French. Dave wishes he were in the coffin. The Machine conspires a quiet revolution.


A film where two young kids get lost in the Australian outback. Kyle doesn't think he'd be able to stand the heat. Dave believes he'd be able to suck mud water through a straw. The Machine plays the didgeridoo.

Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets

An avant-garde film about a young man who wants to push away tradition. Kyle wants to live in a green filter. Dave thinks that Godzilla should attack. The Machine thinks that the camera should shake more.

Pretty Maids All in a Row

A movie where a teacher seduces students and then kills them. Kyle wants to be transferred to another school. Dave joins the debate team. The Machine wishes more movies had this much murder.

Klute; with Jennifer Sanford!

A film where Jane Fonda isn't named Klute! Kyle tries to secretly record people. Dave tries to become a better actor. The Machine is hopeful to throw somebody out a window. Jennifer Sanford joins the conversation in order to not self destruct.

Bananas; with José María Luna!

A movie where a nerd accidentally become the leader of a revolution. Kyle tries not to trip over the slapstick. Dave heavy sighs while travelling through the republic. The Machine doesn't think there's anything problematic about this movie. José María Luna joins the conversation because he loves Gwen Stefani.

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