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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me; with special guest Lucia Juliao of Repodcasting!

A farce that features a womanizing spy trying to get his groove back. Kyle finds the villain funny but not much else. Dave fell asleep while on assignment. The Machine is about to self destruct.

Notting Hill

A (very famous) girl stand in front of a (devilishly handsome) boy and just asks him to love her. Kyle is charmed until he isn't. Dave wants to puke. The Machine is currently working on its love algorithm.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

A movie where a boy filled with fear begins his journey of changing the galaxy. Kyle wants to be in a pod race. Dave would gladly jump into The Sarlacc Pit. The Machine thinks Jar Jar is the best.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

A movie where an assassin lives by his own honourable code. Kyle tries to slice and dice. Dave stays very Zen. The Machine also lives by a certain code.

The Mummy; with special guest Sarah Rowe (of Scream Scene)!

A movie where an adventurer overcomes his fear and saves the world. Kyle is tied up in bandages. Dave is always cursed. The Machine is afraid of sand.

Idle Hands

A movie about a slacker who becomes a slasher. Kyle keeps fidgeting. Dave wants to strangle him. The Machine is the Devil's plaything.


A movie about an overeager student and the teacher who has had enough of her crap. Kyle thinks he would have voted for Tracy. Dave knows he would have sat out. The Machine prefers hanging with Chad.

All About My Mother; with special guest José María Luna!

A movie about women in various forms of motherhood and directed by a master. Kyle wants to fly to Barcelona to hang out with them. Dave thinks most of them naive. The Machine wants to know who its mother is.

Go; with special guest Jen Hall!

A movie told from three perspectives. Kyle wants to know what it's like to drop acid. Dave thinks raves were overrated. The Machine is just waiting for the beat to drop.

The Matrix

The movie that revolutionized special effects and blockbuster filmmaking. Kyle tries to figure out which pill he would choose. Dave thinks all reality is a construct. The Machine surrounds himself with loved ones and zeroes.

10 Things I Hate About You

A movie, adapted from Shakespeare, where a girl can't date unless her shrewish sister does also. Kyle has 10 reasons to love this movie. Dave bullies everyone into his way of thinking. The Machine thinks everyone is a nerd.


A movie where a man discovers he can gain power by eating other people. Kyle wants some dessert. Dave is a bit sickened. The Machine is simply bloodthirsty.

Cruel Intentions; with special guest Helen Youn!

A movie where a boy makes a bet with his step-sister. Kyle remembers being titillated by this movie. Dave bets that he's going to hate it. The Machine just revels in the chaos.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

A movie about a guy and his pals trying to trick the mob. Kyle is entertained. Dave thinks he could win at poker. The Machine tries a British accent.


A man tries to find out who murdered a girl in a supposed snuff film. Kyle become a tad queasy. David is still chained to the table. The Machine doesn't know how to love.

Office Space

A man decides he's just not going to go into work. Kyle is frustrated by PC load errors. Dave wonders what it would be like to have his own stapler. The Machine finds the printer scene hard to watch.

Message in a Bottle

A man's dead wife allows him to find love again. Kyle wants to feel the love. Dave just wants to talk about Sting. The Machine adores Nicholas Sparks.


A man simply wants his $70,000 back. Kyle struggles with Mel Gibson's problematic past. Dave just wants to punch things. The Machine doesn't understand the concept of money.

She's All That

A teenage bet makes a girl go from awkward to hot. All she needs to do is take off her glasses. Kyle thinks he's the ugly duckling. David claims he was too cool for school. The Machine dreams of a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air.

Still Crazy

A band breaks up and then reunites years later. Egos get in the way of success. Kyle can't carry a tune. Dave is just confused. The Machine is more of jazz fan.

Varsity Blues

A teen dreams of a different life instead of his small town reality. But then he gets a little bit of power. Kyle accidentally builds a sentient monster. Dave just wants to drink coffee and get on with his life. The Machine enjoys football stats.

1999 – Trailer

A podcast where a sentient machine forces Kyle and Dave to watch films in order to prevent the apocalypse. Season One focuses on the films of 1999. First episode debuts on January 17, 2020.

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