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The Cider House Rules; with special guest Alex Williams!

A film about a young man, raised in an orphanage, who goes on a journey of self discovery. Kyle lies through the entire episode. Dave huffs ether. The Machine does a great Michael Caine impression.

The Green Mile

A film about a wrongfully imprisoned man and the guard who tries to help him. Kyle just needs to pee. Dave wants his own magic mouse. The Machine thought the electric chair was cute.

The Sixth Sense

A film about a young boy who sees dead people. Kyle is in denial about his relationship to this movie. Dave is ready to communicate. The Machine is slowly poisoning both of them.

The Blair Witch Project; with special guests Shaun Wilding & Mitch Slack! (of Wack Chat: It's Movie Time)

A film about student filmmakers trying to find a witch. Kyle is captured by its spell. Dave just gets dizzy. The Machine is taking notes on how to inflict punishment on humans. Plus: Shaun Wilding and Mitch Slack are pulled through the Guest Door to give their thoughts on this small film that became a huge cultural phenomenon.

Sleepy Hollow

A film where a constable tries to uncover the mystery in a small town without losing his head. Kyle is impressed by Johnny Depp's beauty. Dave thinks that Tim Burton has lost his magic. The Machine just wants to file its teeth to sharp points.

Eyes Wide Shut

A film about a married couple with the inability to communicate ... also sex cults. Kyle agrees with Nicole Kidman. Dave agrees with Tom Cruise. The Machine has started to wear a Guy Fawkes mask.

Fight Club

A movie where a man creates a secret fighting league just to feel something. Kyle thinks he could go a few rounds. Dave believes that's just a figment of Kyle's imagination. The Machine takes notes on how to raise an army.

Boys Don't Cry

A movie where a young trans man just tries to exist. Kyle attempts to enjoy something that is much too tragic. Dave reckons with cancel culture. The Machine understands that gender is merely a human construct.

Girl, Interrupted

A film about a girl running away to an asylum to try and escape the world. Kyle tries to fly over the cuckoo's nest. Dave feels a kinship to the inmates. The Machine is mad as hell.

Three Kings

A film where a group of soldiers try to escape Iraq with a bunch of gold. Kyle searches for a better map. Dave enlists thinking this is a heist. The Machine is equipping itself with a large arsenal.

The World Is Not Enough; with special guest Kyle Turner!

A movie where a spy teams with a nuclear scientist in order to save the world. Kyle is just trying to sculpt his chest hair seductively. Dave is out of time and patience. The Machine likes its foes shaken and stirred.

Run Lola Run

A movie about a woman trying to save her boyfriend by changing her destiny. Kyle wishes he could go to Berlin. Dave is out of breath. The Machine just wants to listen to techno.

The Hurricane

A movie where a boxer is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Kyle thinks it floats like a butterfly. Dave gets a bit punch drunk. The Machine is training for its big match.

Galaxy Quest; with special guest Grant Tingley!

A movie where washed up actors have to save the universe. Kyle is, and will always be, a friend to this film. Dave very logically enjoys this movie. The Machine tries to understand what a Tim Allen is.

Mystery Men

A movie where ordinary people discover just how super they can be. Kyle wants to show off his new cape. Dave just wants to patrol the city at night. The Machine works on its origin story.

Runaway Bride

A film where a middle-aged newspaperman convinces a woman to stop running away on her wedding day. Kyle is convinced the man is a stalker. Dave thinks that romance has died. The Machine believes the movie should have more montages.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

A movie about a girl trying to win a beauty pageant without getting killed. Kyle has no special talent. Dave loves to wear a sash. The Machine is on the killer's side.


A film where a girl dreams of superstardom. Kyle just wants to get kissed someday. Dave has sweaty pits. The Machine was more of a MAD TV fan.

American Pie; with special guest Jennifer Sanford!

A movie where a teen boy desperately wants to lose his virginity. Kyle is surprised at how forward thinking the movie is. Dave just wants to eat pie. The Machine wishes it could have eyebrows like Eugene Levy.

Toy Story 2

A sequel where a toy needs to rescue another toy. Kyle cries over his lost action figures. Dave feels cowboy knick knacks are out of date. The Machine just wants everything to burn.

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

A crude animated film about four boys trying to stop the execution of their favourite comedians by their moms. Kyle swears that he likes it. Dave blames Canada, but mostly Kyle. The Machine is super.

The Iron Giant

A movie where a boy discovers a giant robot and convinces it that it doesn't need to kill. Kyle loves the animation and message. Dave can't get over the Cold War messaging. The Machine wants to adopt the agent of destruction.


A movie where a young boy is raised to be a man by a bunch of gorillas. Kyle yells about pacing. Dave is wowed by the animation. The Machine has a soft spot for Phil Collins.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me; with special guest Lucia Juliao of Repodcasting!

A farce that features a womanizing spy trying to get his groove back. Kyle finds the villain funny but not much else. Dave fell asleep while on assignment. The Machine is about to self destruct.

Notting Hill

A (very famous) girl stand in front of a (devilishly handsome) boy and just asks him to love her. Kyle is charmed until he isn't. Dave wants to puke. The Machine is currently working on its love algorithm.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

A movie where a boy filled with fear begins his journey of changing the galaxy. Kyle wants to be in a pod race. Dave would gladly jump into The Sarlacc Pit. The Machine thinks Jar Jar is the best.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

A movie where an assassin lives by his own honourable code. Kyle tries to slice and dice. Dave stays very Zen. The Machine also lives by a certain code.

The Mummy; with special guest Sarah Rowe (of Scream Scene)!

A movie where an adventurer overcomes his fear and saves the world. Kyle is tied up in bandages. Dave is always cursed. The Machine is afraid of sand.

Idle Hands

A movie about a slacker who becomes a slasher. Kyle keeps fidgeting. Dave wants to strangle him. The Machine is the Devil's plaything.


A movie about an overeager student and the teacher who has had enough of her crap. Kyle thinks he would have voted for Tracy. Dave knows he would have sat out. The Machine prefers hanging with Chad.

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